1. Alex, Serena Ryder - Stompa

    Pretty cool song by a Canadian artist, always kinda rad when a band with a female lead singer can make a real rocking song like this


  2. Alex (well Erik probably would post this too) - WHOA, Earl Sweatshirt

    Brand new earl, literally


  3. Erik-Alt-J, Fitzpleasure

    A friend just introduced me to Alt-J and I really dig them. Indie with some balls and bass.

    Also I’ve realized Alex and I suck at keeping the order of the band name and song name consistant.


  4. Alex - Saw Red, Sublime ft. Gwen Stefani

    Well we’ve been slacking on this blog.

    Anyway, here is sublime before they got big, featuring the young Gwen Stefani, before she taught us all how to spell bananas, and even before she told us to keep on dancing. Solid, true, ska-punk. 


  5. Erik - Kendrick Lamar, Sing about Me I’m Dying of Thirst


  6. Erik - Sir Sly, Ghost

    If you pay any attention to this blog you probably realized that I’m the hip hop guy and Alex brings the rock and indie. Ever so often I have to keep Alex on his toes and drop something obscure. Probably my favorite indie track I’ve heard this year or even in the last 6 months. As Alex has mentioned in the past, heavy bass has come to indie, and I dig it. Gold is another track my Sir Sly that is worth a listen to.


  7. Alex - Against Me, Wagon Wheel

    There have been a lot of covers of this song, but I really dig Against Me. The way that they are able to shift from punk to acoustic/folk truly shows their abilities as musicians. There are actually headed out our way in April with Bad Religion, hopefully Erik and I will be able to see them.


  8. Woah tumblr changed…

    Alex - Frank Ocean, Pyramids (Chi Duly Remix)

    Is it sacrilegious to post an EDM remix? I’m not sure, but I kinda dig this. I love the original version of Pyramids, like it’s a 10 minute masterpiece, but sometimes I like to look at either covers/remixes of songs to see a different take. I like this, it’s just nice and chill, I guess I could classify it as house, but I’m not too sure. Worth listening to. 


  9. Erik- Weezer, Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover)

    It may be sacrilege to cover Radiohead, but goddamn is this good


  10. Erik- Reggie Watts, Panama (Van Halen cover)

    Reggie Watts is one of a kind and I love him and his afro. Such a smart talented dude